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    Oct 2017, display backlight is flickering at low brightness

    This is a years-old problem since it came out however it still hasn't been fixed apparently? The backlight of my screen is flickering exactly like in this video when at its lowest brightness and is incredibly distracting to others when I use my laptop in lecture theatres. Anyone else have this...
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    Is Flickering Brightness Still an Issue on Surface 5 (Surface Laptop)

    Hi everyone, I was a Surface Pro 4 owner back in the early days, and I had to give up on it because of the flickering brightness when using it in a dark room. It was a dealbreaker for me, and I had to leave my Sp4 for an iPad + Mac. For those who aren't aware of the problem, here is a link ...
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    no control over display brightness, stays 100%

    Has anyone else experienced this issue running Win 10 Pro? Contact Support was not helpful, every method tried in Settings would not control the brightness. Fn + Del or Backspace does not work either. Any advice would be much appreciated by my eyeballs!
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    SP4 Backlight always on

    Got my Surface Pro 4 yesterday, and after a few hours of use it suddenly began to keep the backlight of the screen on all the time, even when the screen is off. Also, the setting to adjust the brightness in the notification panel suddenly became greyed out, and the slider for brightness in the...