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    A Good Back Cover like Incipio model.

    Hi to all! i have a Surface Pro4 (i7,8gb) and i use it for everything, i use it particulary for my work (industrial/motorcycle design). for me it's the best device that can be used from the sketch to the final product (with 3d model and rendering (sometimes)). I have only a little problem: when...
  2. K

    Surface Pro shuts down when moving the cover

    Hi Lads, My Surface Pro shuts down when moving the cover, which means, if it stands with the keyboard on the front, like a laptop and I pick it up, putting the cover to the back (to use as a tablet), it shuts down and restarts without any notification. It's doing the same if I'm doing it in...
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    Surface 3 (Atom) not charging only when asleep (Weird)

    Hi, So I just got my surface 3 (Atom) a few days ago, and it has done this about three times now now. I can reproduce the issue easily. At night at the end of the day, my surface is almost dead, so I close the cover, plug it in, and leave it over night, but when I wake up in the morning, I find...