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    Incipio case cracked the screen of my sp3!

    Hi all, about ten months ago, I bought (from the Microsoft store) the case ‘Incipio Feather Advance’ for my Surface pro 3. Unfortunately, the Incipio case damaged the screen of the Surface. As you can see from the attached photo, the internal profile of the case exerts a constant pressure on...
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    Surface 3 Crack plastic top due to case.

    i believed Surface 3 has poor built quality. The first two Surface 3 have stuck pixels at maximum brightness on a black background. And the second surface 3 replacement has a crack formed at the edge of the power button perhaps due to me taking it in and out of the the case once or twice weekly...
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    Rupture on the upper edge

    Hello guys! Today I took SP3 out of my backpack at the beggining of some class and all of the sudden I saw this: I've no idea how it could have happened. I keep my Surface in a cover and carry in a special part of my bag intended for laptops. What could be the reason of this rupture? Will...