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    Solved Garmn Vivosmart "unrecognized device" WIn 10

    Surface Pro 6, latest Win 10 Home with Updates. Vivosmart HR and Vivosmart 4 activity devices. Plug into the USB socket and I get "Unrecognixed Device" even tho I'm using the Garmin supplied software (same message with TomTom GPS device) BUT, they work just fine on an ASUS Notebook running...
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    How can I reconnect once removed MS Arc Touch Bluetooth mouse?

    Hello forum, I have Windows 10 on my Surface Pro3 and having problem with re-connect and pair Microsoft Arc Touch Bluetooth mouse. From Setting -> Devices -> Bluetooth, I have mistakenly removed the paired Microsoft Arc Touch Bluetooth mouse. I've been trying to re-connect and pair but just...
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    amber alert surface lost

    Hi all you! I need help, on march the 2nd I sent my surface2 for an exchange since it was/is on warranty and after following up with the instructions On the website it generated the label etc. Was shipped to the repair center and arrive on march 3rd according to the ups tracking. After that I...