1. Hard.Wired

    Windows Security / Device security / Core isolation - Incompatible drivers - Intel

    Sooo, I can't seem to turn on Windows 10 Pro 20H2 - Windows Security / Device security / Core isolation because my Intel graphics drivers on my Surface Pro 3 are not compatible. :confused: Windows Update is all up to date and there are no optional updates. Anyone using newer drivers or...
  2. K

    Need A Specific NVIDIA Driver

    Hey all, I've been searching for hours trying to find a driver... I just got a Surface Book through work, and it's updated to the latest drivers of course. The problem is that I use AutoCAD, which can be picky with graphics drivers. I'd like to use an older driver, specifically build...
  3. F

    1709 kills the fingerprint driver

    I manually downloaded 1709 a few months ago and everything continued to work great, then the Fall Creators Update was again installed via Windows Updates and the defecation hit the impeller. Now my once wonderful SP3 boots slow, the fingerprint reader does not work, and Windows Hello is no...
  4. A

    Surface Book slow respond after sleep?

    Sometime when Surface Book wake up from sleep, the computer responds very slowly. The screen pointer can't catch up with the mouse, and all windows open and respond slowly. Is this a ongoing problem? Is it a Intel driver problem? Thanks! Surface Book i5 w/out dGPU Windows version: 1607...
  5. S

    WiFi Fails to Start Periodically

    Ever since the last firmware update on my Surface 3, I've had problems where WiFi fails to start. This problem persists even if I reboot or cycle power. The fix at first was to roll back the driver and now I have to uninstall the device and allow it to reinstall. Any suggestions how I may get...
  6. J

    Headphones stopped working

    So in an attempt to get a better recording quality for the SP4's microphone, I installed the Realtek drivers version R2.79. Although this did improve the microphone quality, I can no longer hear anything out of the headphone jack. I've tried reinstalling the drivers to no avail, and the...
  7. C

    Strange things happening with my Surface Pro and Photoshop

    So, I bought my Surface Pro back before the Pro 2 came out, and it's been a great machine for me. I use it all the time for digital painting, and while it's no Cintiq, it's awesome. Up until a few weeks ago. I started messing around with the "press and hold to right click" preferences, and now...
  8. S

    BSOD and video driver crashes

    Anybody else been having VIDEO_SCHEDULER_INTERNAL_ERROR blue screens and NVIDIA display driver crashes? I get the blue screens pretty infrequently but get the display driver crashes a lot. When it starts happening I usually get about 15-30 of them in a 5 minute period and sometimes it then...
  9. A

    SP4 Pen Pressure Not Working in Art Programs

    Hello there! I just got my SP4 today, and was really excited to try it out... only to spend hours simply trying to figure out how to get my paint programs to work. I got the i7 model with 8gig RAM. I do not have pen pressure or stabilizing in SAI, Krita or Photoshop, but I do have it in Clip...
  10. W

    Surface 3 graphic driver bug in Windows 10

    After upgrading to Windows 10, several of my WPF application is hitting this error. The only hope is to wait for the Intel HD Graphic driver to be updated. However, the Windows Update doesn't deploy the graphic driver new enough for Surface 3 (or any of those running Intel Atom X7)...

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