1. P

    PowerPoint problems with graphics card

    Hello, I have a problem with my PowerPoint install, everytime I start a presentation I got the message: Powerpoint has detected that your video card may not be properly configured to provide an optimal presentation of the slide Show. Is this normal on a Surface Laptop? I use the i5 with 8gigs of...
  2. D

    Surface Pro 4 Memory Error When Shutting Down

    My wife gets the following error on her new SP4 when shutting down now (see attachment): : "The instruction at 0x0007ff6bf1f8732 referenced memory at 0x0000000000000030. The memory could not be written." She uses this for her Engineering course, so it has National Instrument Launcher and...
  3. S

    Fix "This Site Can't be reached" on Surface Pro 4

    Update 2: Can't access again. Update 1: While I was screen cutting the problem, can be accessed now. I still had the problem several minutes ago, and now the problem solved itself? I still have trouble accessing, and can't sign in to youtube...
  4. T

    Display driver problem (Surface 2)

    I keep getting multiple error messages "Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered." and the tablet keeps refreshing the screen. Not caused by any specific action. Can even happen while sleeping.
  5. margas

    Solved Windows Camera app error

    On my surface pro 4, when I take the second picture I get the error 0XA00F424F, which forces me to restart the app. So I have to restart the camera app for every picture I've to take. Any solutions?
  6. E

    Solved New Netflix app does not work properly on Surface Pro 4?

    On my Surface Pro 4 the new Windows 10 Netflix app does not play most of the content (for example Jessica Jones, DareDevil etc.) It always gives out the error code: U7361-1253-8007001F After telephoning with a technical supporter for about 2 hours he said that it must have something to do with...