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external monitor

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    Surface Book mini-DP to external monitor not working

    Hello dear community, it is the first time that I ask a question in a forum like this because normally I can find all the answers to my questions on google or forums like this but not with my current problem. My setup: Surface Book (manufacturer number: CR7-00014) Surface Docking Station (man...
  2. W

    Is My DisplayPort Busted?

    I regularly connect my aging Surface Pro 3 to various external monitors via the displayport. I am running Windows 10. Last night this worked fine on one monitor; this morning it did not work on another. I have tried two different monitors and two different cables without success. There have been...
  3. G

    Problem with Samsung monitor image

    Hi! I recently got the new surface pro. I pluged a Samsung TA24550 via hdmi cable with DVI adapter. I get the recommended resolution (1920 x 1080) but the image quality is poor, worse than when connected via VGA to mi old desktop. Any ideas? Thank you!