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  1. A

    Advanced Instructions for Surface Handwriting Keyboard

    Hi all, I was wondering if someone can please point me in the right direction. I have been searching for the last week trying to find detailed information on the use of the Surface Handwriting keyboard and I'm only going around in circles: I have found plenty of online tips as to it's very...
  2. P

    Surface Pro handwritten note taker

    Hi, I have for many, many years worked in an IT role which requires me to make copious notes to document my to do list and how and when I completed each task. I have always written several A4 pages per day and over the years have probably got through my own height of A4 notebooks! The...
  3. L

    Handwriting Panel Not Working in SP4

    Hi I've been using a Surface Pro 3 Windows 8.1 for 12 months now and the handwriting panel is brilliant. However, I've just got a Surface Pro 4 Windows 10 and the handwriting panel isn't available - it's greyed out. I've searched the web to find a way to turn it on but can't find anything...
  4. D

    Handwriting experience: "keyboard handwriting" vs OneNote

    Hi Guys, First, a quick prelude, then a question. Basically, I need to make a lot of hand-written notes (research), and I wanted to use my surface pro 4 for that. The handwriting experience in OneNote is really bad, I think: my handwriting looks horrible, there is half-second lag, etc...
  5. btreece

    OneNote, 2 versions, 1 pen

    1) OneNote OEM comes with Surface Pro 4. OneNote is a stand alone version 17.6366.15651.0. a) Is linked with the pen. Top eraser button opens OneNote OEM. b) Cannot be customized, uninstalled or changed, but can only be pinned to the taskbar or start menu. c) Cannot be used with the...