1. N

    heating / battery issues

    Hi guys, I recently got my first Spro so I am new to the forum! :) I purchased the 2017 i5 8/256GB version of the Surface. Overall it is super sleek and beautiful, however I have noticed that any time i use the pen (for as little as writing in one note for 15+ish minutes) I immediately notice...
  2. dcoplien

    Strange heating issue

    I decided today to take my SP4 as my primary rather than my old tablet. Put in in my car seat, set in sleep then hibernate, made sure it was facing toward the front so nothing would touch the power button. Was at 100% charge. 15 minutes later I heard the fan kick in, couldn't do anything...
  3. J

    How to make the i5/i7 SP4 fanless

    Hi everyone! I am wondering, is there a way to make the Surface Pro 4 with i5/i7 processors fanless? Sometimes my SP4 (I do not know why) even when just surfing with opera (not even playing videos) or reading PDFs starts to heat and turns on the fan. This can be pretty annoying and even...
  4. J

    Heating, fan ON and Memory drain

    Hi! Since I Update to windows 10 the fan stay on all the time and around 40% of memory is used all the time, even if I'm not using my surface. How can I solve this?