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    Surface Book battery problems

    My Surface Book is three years old, and still about the most powerful and capable machine I see wherever I go, so the fact that it started to get terrible battery service was a huge bummer. It started in the Summer of '19, but probably had been creeping into the scene for a while. Going back to...
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    That problem that microsoft just won't fix

    This is a new thread to a long standing issue that has been addressed in other threads but i have never fond an answer to. No matter how i set up my SP4 it will just not reliably wake from hibernation. i disabled the keyboard actions, set the power button to hibernate and/or to end hibernation...
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    Hibernation Issue - after resetting

    I've a Surface 3 4GB model - bought in Oct so always windows 10. I HAD an annoying issue where it sometimes gave me a blank screen when I tried to wake it from sleep and I would have to hold down power button to get it restart to access the machine. To resolve the original problem I...