keyboard problems (sp3)

  1. S

    Manually install keyboard cover drivers

    On my surface pro 3 My Keyboard cover stopped working (no lights, nothing) I tried the 2 key reset. Nothing I removed the drivers in the device manager. Nothing I have restored windows 10 (and keeping my files). Nothing I have swapped the keyboard with a surface pro 4. My keyboard works fine on...
  2. E

    Cannot stop keyboard from waking up SP3

    Ever since I've owned my Surface Pro 3 it's had the common problem that if I put it in sleep mode and pop it into my briefcase, then when I open it up a few hours later it's red hot and the battery's flat. Normally I work around this by making sure that it's fully turned off rather than just...
  3. AMDT

    Keyboard Problems With Surface Pro 3

    Keyboard Problems (SP3) Okay. Here's the problem: the keyboard (SP3 version) at some point in the last few weeks has stopped responding/typing with my Surface. At first, I thought it was just that the keyboard was faulty, but after buying a new SP3 keyboard and attaching it to the SP3, I found...