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m3 vs i5

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    2017 Pro - m3 smaller battery than i5?

    I'm thinking of upgrading to the new (2017) Surface Pro. I have a i5 Pro4, but the main reason is to get better battery life. Does the m3 have any better battery life than the i5? The specs list no difference. I might assume it does, but then I see that the m3 is 20g lighter than the i5. Does...
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    SP4 $899 M3 vs $999 I5 (What to buy as a primary tablet?)

    Surface Team, I am looking to buy a Surface Pro 4 today! Just wanted to seek your guidance to help with my decision. For me this will primarily be a tablet that also happens to do PC work when needed. I am not a student or an artist. This will primarily be for web browsing, video streaming...