1. mrfroid

    Terrible Build quality II: magnesium alloy body

    During the last 4 years I traveled with my aluminum Macbook Air 13 for about 2 years. Didn't notice any scratches on top the lid. Unfortunately, different story with SP4 after just one month of traveling. Same guy, same attitude towards how to keep your laptop safe, but different results. All...
  2. N

    Scratches and stains on Surface rear body

    I've bought Surface few weeks ago. Most times I've taken it with me in special cover which helps to avoid damaging. But today I've seen many scratches on its rear body; it also contains some stains which aren't scoured. Is it possible to remove scratches by using some "paint" or other tip?
  3. T

    Rupture on the upper edge

    Hello guys! Today I took SP3 out of my backpack at the beggining of some class and all of the sudden I saw this: I've no idea how it could have happened. I keep my Surface in a cover and carry in a special part of my bag intended for laptops. What could be the reason of this rupture? Will...