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    Multiple external monitor requirements

    Hi, I'm 6 months in with a MS SP 2017 and loving it. I'm using it predominantly for work (consulting using lots of MS Office) and for its size and weight completely unmatched. However, where I'm having difficulty is with making the most of external monitors. At a client's site they were using...
  2. K

    Swtched to mDP - DP and Second Monitor Wont Work

    I just switched my Surface Book Dock to dual mDP - DP cables and I cannot get my second monitor to work properly. I can see both in the Device Manager but not in the Display Properties. Both monitors work on mDP - HDMI, Help!!!!
  3. T

    Docking station's mDP port suddenly not working

    Booting up today, after having it shut down for two whole days, I couldn't get the monitor connected to the mDP port, using mDP->DP cable, to turn on. I also switched between the mDP port on the SP3 and then it worked fine. I have one monitor on each port, but now only half of that screen real...