microsoft edge

  1. S

    Virtual keyboard is inconsistent

    I'm curious to see if anyone else has the same problems that I had when using the virtual keyboard with Microsoft Edge. I played around with various Windows 10 based 2 in 1s at the store and stumbled across a Surface Pro bundle (a Surface Pro 4 I think, 7th gen Intel?) that includes the...
  2. btreece

    Norton FINALLY compatible

    With the Windows 10 Creator's Update, Edge is FINALLY compatible with Norton! I have owned a Surface Pro4 since Oct of 2015 waiting for this! Now I am starting to migrate from Chrome to Edge. Unfortunately, I saved by website passwords in Chrome NOT Norton Vault. Chrome does not make it easy...
  3. Alan_T

    MS Edge/BBC iPlayer oddity on Surface Book

    Anyone else experienced this problem: The BBC iPlayer Home page ( includes tiles referred to as Collections. The idea is you mouse-over the tile and an animated list of available programs is displayed. You might well ask, what has this to do with Surface Book? Well, using...