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  1. unruledboy

    Solved Mouse move lagging

    Specs: Surface Book 2, 13'', mid range, latest firmware. Env: Philips 40 inch 4K via USB-C -> DisplayPort Symptoms: frequently mouse lagging, even a simple move, the pointer will be freezed for a few seconds, and it's so frequent, it is practically not usable. Any ideas?
  2. A

    Right Click on Type Cover Touchpad not Working

    Hi all, this is going to sound really odd but any help would be much appreciated. A user at my place of work uses a trackball mouse with her SP4, as well as the touchpad on her type cover at times. We used 'X Mouse Button Control' to configure the trackball mouse and at first, this worked...
  3. B

    Bluetooth connects extremely slowly

    Hi, Ive bought a Logitech MX Master 2S bluetooth mice and ive got a problem when i want to use it with my SP4. The mice connects very slowly, from about 3 to 25 seconds, but the avg is 9 sec. This mice got a cool feature called Logitech Flow which let users use the mice with 1 to 3 computers...
  4. S

    New Surface Arc Mouse - How do I get the scroll clicks back?

    I have the new Surface Arc Mouse. Love the device so far, but missing the tactile feel/sound of the scrolling clicks (when scrolling/navigating pages via the middle of the mouse touch area). The older Surface Arc Mouse had this feel/sound. Does anyone know if there's a setting to bring this...
  5. A

    Show Always mouse

    Hello, I am using the microsoft surface with an eye tracker, I need it to show the mouse at all times because I move it with my eyes and I cannot see any cursor. Can I configure the tablet so that it always shows the mouse pointer? Thanks, regards.
  6. J

    SP3 Cover - Keyboard and TP working but mouse click does not

    Hey Surfaceforums I have an annoying issue with my surface cover. The buttons on the keyboard work fine, so does the touchpad, except for the 2 buttons on the lower part of the touchpad. They simply do not work at all. It is rather annoying when for example trying to select text. My surface...
  7. No_ax_to_grind

    Multi-device BT Mouse w/toggle on side or top, not SMART

    Have a Logitech M535 and an MX Anywhere 2. The former can pair to multiple devices, but only one at a time. The latter doesn't worth with Windows 7 apparently. Looking for a multi-device bluetooth mouse that will work with my SP4, a client's Lenovo L440 running Win7 AND that I can toggle with...
  8. K

    Dock - nothing but trouble

    Surface Book i7 512 (just opened yesterday). A plethora of issues and I'm on my second dock with no resolution! Connecting anything USB is mostly broken. I cannot connect even something simple like a USB mouse or keyboard; the Book doesn't beep; it's like it isn't detecting the connections...
  9. J

    Trackpad Issues

    I have had my SB for a few days now and fortunately have not had many issues. However, from time to time, after I wake up the computer I have noticed that my pointer has disappeared from the screen and will not come back even when I click the track pad. I then have to restart the computer to...