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  1. eggman2112

    SP6 not in list when creating account

    When I am creating my account, SP6 is not listed in the devices. Just curious about that...
  2. Q

    Hi, new member here, planning to jump on the surface book wagon soon

    Hi, everyone I'm planning to purchase a new Surface Book soon, I have a Late-2012 macbook pro and I've been waiting for the next-gen macbook pro eagerly but after watching the latest Apple keynote I wasn't impressed by the new macbook and decided to jump ship since the surface pro was launched...
  3. P

    New Member...still

    How long are users "New Members" for? I created my account over a year ago and have posted 23 (now 24) times. I know that's not a lot, but still - I'm no new member. What do you have to do to be just a regular Member? Cheers, Ped
  4. T

    New Member

    Hi, Just introducing myself; found the site whilst browsing for screen casting from Spro3...obviously enjoyed the many various assistive topics; signing up was the next best thing to do. Had my pro i7 for 6 months...(perhaps I shouldn't say this) no real problems or issues that has sent me into...