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    Weird camera shutter noise on start up and shutdown

    I recently purchased a Surface Go and am enjoying it so far except for one minor detail. Every time I start it or turn it off it makes a clicking noise that sounds a bit like a camera shutter (I am not paranoid about anyone taking pictures of me, I just find the sound annoying). It also makes...
  2. M

    Clicking noise

    Hi. I bought SP4 i5, 128GB this week. I noticed soon a problem with my new device. It makes some annoying noise under certain CPU load. It seems that is it caused by voltage regulators or some other HW structure. It is NOT caused by fan. It happens even when the fan is off. The device makes...
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    How to make the i5/i7 SP4 fanless

    Hi everyone! I am wondering, is there a way to make the Surface Pro 4 with i5/i7 processors fanless? Sometimes my SP4 (I do not know why) even when just surfing with opera (not even playing videos) or reading PDFs starts to heat and turns on the fan. This can be pretty annoying and even...