1. R

    Surface Dock is overheating SP3

    I have noticed something really weird. My Surface Dock for Surface Pro 3 is overheating my SP3. When I am connected with Surface Dock, my average temperature of it is around 65 Celsius and when I am not connected to it temperature is around 55 Celsius. I know keyboard, mouse and 2 external...
  2. N

    Surface Book 2 GPU overheating while in sleep or screen off

    Hello, I recently purchased a Surface Book 2 i7 256 GB 13.5 inch with the Nvidia 1050 GTX. I was very excited with this device until I noticed the first problems. The screen is a little bit bent at the right top corner and as known this devices suffers from the coil whine issue, but it worked...
  3. M

    Surface Pro 4 m3 Overheating Issues

    Ever since the last update my surface has been overheating from the littlest use Things like having only Firefox or only PowerPoint open can make it really hot to the touch Is anyone else suffering from this
  4. Mili

    afterimage and overheating

    The biggest problem I'm having with my SP4 is that the screen sometimes flickers. It doesn't turn off, it just varies is brightness very quickly. It also holds on to an after image, usually when gaming, making it difficult to see what's actually happening on screen. If I take screenshots with...