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    Weird camera shutter noise on start up and shutdown

    I recently purchased a Surface Go and am enjoying it so far except for one minor detail. Every time I start it or turn it off it makes a clicking noise that sounds a bit like a camera shutter (I am not paranoid about anyone taking pictures of me, I just find the sound annoying). It also makes...
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    Can Surface Pro 4 replace an Ultrabook?

    Hi to everyone, I am very interested in the new Surface 4 pro, but I have some doubt about it. First of all, and probabibly the most important question, can the surface replace an ultrabook? What loses, what earns more? My question is due to the fact that I am an university students...
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    Docking Station AC Cord Question

    Hi, I have a Surface Pro (yes I know this is the SP3 forum, hear me out). I am thinking about buying a new dock off of Ebay, someone's selling it because it shipped without a power cord. I'd like to buy a power cord for it, but the only ones that are being sold on Ebay are SP3 Docking Station...