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    Touch function not working / Intel Precise Touch Device driver (!) / Hardware Part

    What hardware component(s) should be replaced in the case where the screen works except the touch function. I have replaced the screen along with the small "digitizer" board and ribbon cable that sits behind it, but the problem persists. I did not replace the big middle cable since I believe it...
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    Apps Moving to My Main Display When I Lock My Surface Pro 2017

    I have docked my SP to two BenQ monitors and I have set them up so that all three screens are extended (each screen is independent). Recently, however, when I lock my screens, all my open applications have moved to my main display (My Surface Pro) when I come back. It never used to do this, any...
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    Solved Pen does not write in an horizontal line

    Hi! My Surface Pro4 is having problem - there is a horizontal line where the pen loses its accuracy (the problematic line is located at the same height as the USB input). You can see the problematic line at the screen shot below. I use OneNote and DrawBoardPDF, and the problem is happening...
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    SP3 new screen

    Hello, If I missplaced my post, please tell me, since I am new here. I have SP3 with few small cracks on front display and it is causing a fault touch. What I want to know is this what I need to fix the problem: LCD Screen Display for Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Win8.1 LTL120QL01-001 xhg04 | eBay...
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    Solved Should i send my surface in for repair?

    Hello there, the context here is about a week ago my sister gave me her surface pro 3 to keep so i was doing some college work on it when my nephew jumped onto me. After about an hour i noticed some flickering lines on the screen. It also sometimes turns completely black for less than a second...