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    Solved Anyone else has issue with Edge browser?

    I wanted to give Edge a chance so I've been using it for a while. My SP4 is updated to the latest and every single time I use Edge, it stalls. When I try to open a page, it often just sits there and spins. I have to close the browser or tab and restart and sometimes that works. Few days ago I...
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    Bluetooth connects extremely slowly

    Hi, Ive bought a Logitech MX Master 2S bluetooth mice and ive got a problem when i want to use it with my SP4. The mice connects very slowly, from about 3 to 25 seconds, but the avg is 9 sec. This mice got a cool feature called Logitech Flow which let users use the mice with 1 to 3 computers...
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    Surface Pro 2017 w Toshiba SSD

    Bought a SP2017 yesterday and it had really bad light bleed so i exchanged for another today. Better screen but to my surprise it had a terribly slow Toshiba SsD in it rather than the Samsung. I thought only surface laptop was using that Toshiba drive. Anyway to tell by looking at the box before...
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    Surface Book slow respond after sleep?

    Sometime when Surface Book wake up from sleep, the computer responds very slowly. The screen pointer can't catch up with the mouse, and all windows open and respond slowly. Is this a ongoing problem? Is it a Intel driver problem? Thanks! Surface Book i5 w/out dGPU Windows version: 1607...
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    slow wireless network download speed

    My SP3 is running Windows 10. The transfer speed is very slow when I download a several hundred MB file from my network hard-drive to the SP3 with an 802.11n wireless router. (it sometimes starts with several MB/s then it quickly goes down to 355 KB/s or even 0 KB/s.) Upload speed from SP3 to...