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startup issues

  1. D

    Weird camera shutter noise on start up and shutdown

    I recently purchased a Surface Go and am enjoying it so far except for one minor detail. Every time I start it or turn it off it makes a clicking noise that sounds a bit like a camera shutter (I am not paranoid about anyone taking pictures of me, I just find the sound annoying). It also makes...
  2. O

    Surface Pro 4 won't turn on

    Hi everyone Two days ago I was editing a PDF on Edge when the screen froze, so I turned the tablet off with a long press on the power button. Since then the computer won't turn on. I've tried with the various methods listed on the Microsoft website (30sec press on power button, 15sec...
  3. J

    HELP Surface laptop flashes logo but doesn't boot

    I've had my surface laptop for a while now and it won't boot anymore! I push the power button and the Surface logo flashes for less then a second then the screen goes black, keyboard stays backlit for another 15 to 30 seconds then also shuts off, I can keep doing this over and over, if i hold...
  4. K

    SPRO3 won't start - power light blinks after power pressed

    All, SPRO3 working perfectly, then last week it shut itself down for no apparent reason. Cannot get it restarted. Have tried: 1) Leaving on charge for hours (2 separate chargers used that work with other surfaces) 2) Long press on Power button (charge light blinks like its wanting start but...
  5. K

    That problem that microsoft just won't fix

    This is a new thread to a long standing issue that has been addressed in other threads but i have never fond an answer to. No matter how i set up my SP4 it will just not reliably wake from hibernation. i disabled the keyboard actions, set the power button to hibernate and/or to end hibernation...