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    Art programs not working corretcly (suspect driver issue)

    I was wondering if any of you fine dudes and dudettes had any expertise and could help me figure out what's been happening with my surface pro for the last two days. I haven't been able to draw anything on my tablet in any art program (primarily photoshop and clip studio paint), but the...
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    Using the Surface Pen drops a Miracast connection

    Hi there, can someone test this? Because it always fails for me on my Surface Pro 3 with the current Windows 10 Version 1607. Establish a Miracast connection to a screen of your choice. Press the button on your Surface Pen. The Miracast connection is dropped. First I thought this is because...
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    Will Pen work on a broken Touch screen?

    I cracked my surface pro 3, now the touch part of the screen is kinda hit or miss. Do you think the surface pen would work with it? Like on the Note 5, the screen knows where the pen is before the pen even touches it....same for the surface pro 3?
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    No option for Surface Pen on Surface 3

    Hey guys, first of all i'm new to this forum, so sorry if i'm posting in the false area ;). I got a problem on my Surface 3 running windows 10 with the Surface App. I want my Surface Pen to open OneNote 2016 instead of the OneNote-App, but in the Surface App, I don't have the option to...