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    Surface Dock is overheating SP3

    I have noticed something really weird. My Surface Dock for Surface Pro 3 is overheating my SP3. When I am connected with Surface Dock, my average temperature of it is around 65 Celsius and when I am not connected to it temperature is around 55 Celsius. I know keyboard, mouse and 2 external...
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    Surface Dock Wall Holder

    Hi, Is there anything that can hold Surface Dock on the wall pretty good? I just thought of placing my Surface Dock on the wall, because….I can... Any good ideas?
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    Need help with pen

    Hi, I have noticed that when I place pen close to the screen that cursor shows up and it is following my pen even tho I am not touching the screen with the pen. Is it possible to disable this since it is weird to draw like that. I want only for pen to draw when I actually touch the screen with...
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    Solved HELP! WiFi has disappeared on Surface Pro 3, i7, 256 GB, Windows 10

    Hello I've got a Surface Pro 3, i7, 256 GB, running windows 10 I've had it for about 3 - 4 years now and it has worked liked a charm, never caused me any major issues that I couldn't resolve, until now. The WiFi settings seemed to have disappeared. I've tried all the suggestions I could find...
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    Art programs not working corretcly (suspect driver issue)

    I was wondering if any of you fine dudes and dudettes had any expertise and could help me figure out what's been happening with my surface pro for the last two days. I haven't been able to draw anything on my tablet in any art program (primarily photoshop and clip studio paint), but the...
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    Where can I find all firmwares and drivers

    Hello, Where can I find firmwares and drivers for SP3? It seems I have problems with those since I can't boot normally all the time. My boot is set to SSD but sometimes it is now booting (stucks on Surface logo) like he is trying to boot from USB or network even tho it is not set to those. Then...
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    SP3 new screen

    Hello, If I missplaced my post, please tell me, since I am new here. I have SP3 with few small cracks on front display and it is causing a fault touch. What I want to know is this what I need to fix the problem: LCD Screen Display for Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Win8.1 LTL120QL01-001 xhg04 | eBay...
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    Boot problems

    Hello, I am new to this forum. I have Surface Pro 3 with Windows 10. I have noticed that when I have SD card in it or Surface Dock in it, I can't boot. It is stuck on boot logo. But when I boot without those, I can boot normally. Have anyone experienced that? How to fix that? Thank you.
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    Solved Screen flicker when using Surface 3 PRO on battery mode

    I have a fully patched and current Win10 (Release Preview) Surface 3 PRO. Recently I noticed an annoying screen flicker when using the device on battery (in idle). I downloaded and installed the latest Intel driver ( from and the issue with screen flicker was gone!!!! Just in...
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    type cover dead

    yesterday my surface pro3 keyboard stopped working. I tried restarting the surface - didn't help. cleaned the contacts - didn't help. cannot find it mentioned in device manager. looked in update history - found message: " surface keyboard driver successfully installed" a few days ago!!! Is...
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    Manually install keyboard cover drivers

    On my surface pro 3 My Keyboard cover stopped working (no lights, nothing) I tried the 2 key reset. Nothing I removed the drivers in the device manager. Nothing I have restored windows 10 (and keeping my files). Nothing I have swapped the keyboard with a surface pro 4. My keyboard works fine on...
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    How can I connect QXGA dvi-d external monitor?

    Hello~! I recently bought old medical monitor, WIDE IF2103M which has DVI-d 1536x2048(QXGA) resolution grey scale monitor. To connect, I also purchased DVI dual link cable(support max resolution 2560x1600 WQXGA) and mini dp to dvi-d active adapter(also support max resolution 2560x1600 WQXGA)...
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    Solved Surface Pro 3 - Touchpad Error

    Hi there, Every time I touch my touchpad (which usually acts as a mouse) on my Surface Pro 3, my screen turns off. It doesn't shut down the whole tablet, it basically just locks it. The mouse icon might move slightly with my finger, but after about a second my screen goes black. I can touch...
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    RX470 on a Surface pro 3?

    Hi everybody I get a RX470 and I don't have any desktop PC I only get a Surface Pro 3 and I want to use it with my Surface what I can do to connect with the Surface Pro 3?
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    Using the Surface Pen drops a Miracast connection

    Hi there, can someone test this? Because it always fails for me on my Surface Pro 3 with the current Windows 10 Version 1607. Establish a Miracast connection to a screen of your choice. Press the button on your Surface Pen. The Miracast connection is dropped. First I thought this is because...