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  1. P

    SP5 new battery - no start without powersupply

    Hello, I have installed a new battery in my SP5. It now no longer starts without power supply. But if it starts successfully, you can remove the power supply and it runs on battery mode. But it does not detect the battery charge status and shows 100% all the time. What could be the reason for this?
  2. simplymarkb

    I can't recover my Surface Pro 5

    Hi - I had upgraded my device to Win 10 pro a while back. I had a software update about 2 months ago. It said it couldn't initialize my cam (windows hello) and kept freezing at the login screen. Long story short- nothing I tried worked. ultimately, I wiped the hdd and tried a fresh install...
  3. F

    Is Flickering Brightness Still an Issue on Surface 5 (Surface Laptop)

    Hi everyone, I was a Surface Pro 4 owner back in the early days, and I had to give up on it because of the flickering brightness when using it in a dark room. It was a dealbreaker for me, and I had to leave my Sp4 for an iPad + Mac. For those who aren't aware of the problem, here is a link ...