surface pro 3 problems

  1. 8

    Fan issues anyone?

    So today my fan died and I downloaded Speccy in order to determine my temp and how it was managed since my fan isnt working and I wondered if anyone else had issues concerning the life of the fan. I have not had my surface for even a year
  2. B

    Problems with screen on Surface pro 3

    Hi everyone! What is my problem: I played a game with good graphics (2007) on minimum settings, and my screen turns off (sound remains on). Using forced restarts, I turned on the screen again, installed the updates, and decided that the problem won't happen again. Repeated. I began to...
  3. AMDT

    Keyboard Problems With Surface Pro 3

    Keyboard Problems (SP3) Okay. Here's the problem: the keyboard (SP3 version) at some point in the last few weeks has stopped responding/typing with my Surface. At first, I thought it was just that the keyboard was faulty, but after buying a new SP3 keyboard and attaching it to the SP3, I found...