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surface pro 3 vs surface pro 4

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    On the fence - used Surface Pro 3 or New 4

    Has anyone that upgraded from the Surface Pro 3 to the 4 'regretted' it or the opposite? So thrilled you are glad you made the jump? Lightly used Surface Pro 3 - i7 - 8 gig RAM, keyboard, etc - I am seeing for less than $1k - This same price is what Costco and others (Black Friday Deals) are...
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    Hello debating between sp3 or sp4

    Long time Windows user with multiple laptops and home brewed machine. I am debating on a used i7 sp3 or new sp4 i5 I am on the road often and use both a laptop and iPad when on the road. However, the iPad never lived up to my expectations. Therefore my researching the surface pro. The main...