surface pro 4 charging

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    Is it safe to use SGo charger with SP4 i5?

    Hi! I just found out that my charger is broken and I am abroad. I cannot find a proper power supply for my SP4, but ony the one for the Surface Go. Do you think it is safe to use it? I quickly tried in the shop and it seems to charge the battery, but I fear that it can cause issues in the long...
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    Surface Pro 4 Charger not working

    I am having an issue with my charger, it is not charging my Surface at all. The light only turns on for a second and that is when it is plugged into the wall. Same thing goes for the USB on the power supply. It only charges my phone for a second then stops. Any help would be appreciated.
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    battery charging 1%

    Does anyone else have the problem where the last 1% of charging takes forever. it gets stucking saying 1 minute left but just hangs there for a very long time. Is this a sign of a faulty battery? I have the surface pro 4, i5, 4gig, 128. It has been stuck on 99% for 20 minutes now