surface pro 4 screen

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    Solved Surface Pro 4 Screen Lift

    Recently I noticed that the glass screen on my Surface Pro 4 had lifted out of the bottom quadrant of its case. I had been working outside on a hot day (90 degrees F). The side of the screen facing the case seemed to have residual glue on it. I took the computer into a cooler environment and...
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    Should i give the Surface a new try ?

    Hi guyz, i'm asking you a simple question, should i give a new chance to the Surface ? I bought the Surface Pro 3 at day one and before being forced to sell it a couple of months later i sent it to microsoft around 7-8 times w/out receiving a single devices that was "in my opinion" at least...
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    Panos Panay please help with Support

    I have had a number of issues with my Surface Pro 4, but there are 2 issues that have not been fixed. The screen flickering when I dim the screen so I can prolong battery life, and the USB port on the charger can't charge the Surface Pro 4 and my cell phone at the same time. I have contacted...