1. Birkhoff92

    Problem with mathematics in OneNote

    Hi , when i try to install mathematics in one note ( i have win 10 on my surface 3 2/64) , appear the error: '' Net Programmability etc etc'' . I have already checked net framework in programs and features ;) How can i fix this problem ? I need mathematic for my university ( Informatic...
  2. Wikid Numb

    Solved Surface 3, connected to Wi-Fi, but no connection.

    Good afternoon all. So I just picked up a Surface 3 and was all giddy while getting it set up. Well, that giddyness quickly went away. From the moment I started setting it up, I realized that while I was connected to the internet via Wi-Fi, I did not actually have an internet connection...
  3. R

    Travelling with the Surface 3 - Lessons Learned

    The Surface 3 is the perfect size for travel. It is thin and light enough to fit in a carry-on bag. It has everything that I need in a computer while I travel for a year with my family. Like most devices the Surface 3 has an on-board WiFi network adapter. This is just what you want when you are...
  4. W

    Surface 3 graphic driver bug in Windows 10

    After upgrading to Windows 10, several of my WPF application is hitting this error. The only hope is to wait for the Intel HD Graphic driver to be updated. However, the Windows Update doesn't deploy the graphic driver new enough for Surface 3 (or any of those running Intel Atom X7)...