1. B

    Any way to KEEP the taskbar hidden?

    No, i don't want to hear the autohide option. That doesn't keep it hidden if i rest my palm on the device while writing/drawing. I would be okay with a workaround too, like if i put the taskbar to the top or to the left, but still it activates when i accidentally touch the bottom of the screen...
  2. mikecox

    Solved Task bar not on top

    My taskbar has suddenly stopped popping up over my windows. If I have a window maximized my taskbar can no longer be accessed. I went to the taskbar settings page but there is no option to force the taskbar to come up on top of windows. I'm sure there is an option to force that to happen, but...
  3. L

    Windows 10 start button and task bar not working

    Hello :) Specifications: Windows 10, Surface Pro 3 (Swiss version), 256 Gb. Uses avira, drawboard PDF, redshift, office, matlab. Definition: "not working": no reaction to be seen on screen. Nor in the program behaviour. Problem: the Windows keyboard button is not working. The windows icon button...