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    My Surface Book Keeps Turning On In My Bag (Even after I turn it off!)

    This keeps happening over and over again. Almost always, when I just hit the power button (which is set to go into sleep mode)... and Today (hour ago), I made sure to actually TURN IT OFF via the start menu, and it still happened! Laptop seems "off" when I put it in my bag, then I get home...
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    Thinking of upgrading my SP3 to SP4 - a few questions...

    Hi all. I'm hoping a few SP4 users could help me out. If you had an SP3 in the past too, that would be even better :) I'm getting increasingly frustrated with my SP3 - I rage almost daily now. I think I blame Windows 10 more than the device itself, but whether it's a case of just doing a fresh...

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