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    Solved anniversary update1903 breaks typecover

    yes i've seen all the threads! when the 1903 update installed its self in june my type cover immediately broke. the only thing that worked was the volume control. it was recognised, it even worked in the UEFI., but when attempting to type, nothing happened or the surface would crash with bsod...
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    type cover not working

    Hi, after an update from win8.1 to won10 the type cover is no longer working. Drivers are not installed. I tried the following full reboot after enterong BIOS reset Win 10 trying to install drivers via system contro my type cover works, when put to a new surface 4 putting a new type cover frpm...
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    dead typecovers

    why have so many people had trouble with their type covers since mid 2017? Mine pefectly OK one day - totally dead the next! It is not detected in device manager. My SP3 is now junk as a work tool. Update history says keyboard driver 1.1.504.0 successfully installed on25th of August...