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After going back to 8.1 Context menu is odd


So I wasn't to happy with Windows 10 on my Surface Pro 3, so i went back to 8.1, but my antivirus did't work anymore (neither uninstall nor installation was possible) and some apps did't start (Mail, calendar, weather and picture)
I couldn't open them anymore, uninstall was possible trough the control panel, but I couldn't re-download them trough the store as it said they where already installed.

So I installed windows new trough the restore (delete everything and install windows new). Everything works fine, I installed all the updates, but the context menu on the windows is odd.


The menu is dark blue now, not white like before how can I fix this?


I know this won't help now but I had the same issue with the mail and calender app. After you uninstall, shut the store completely down by dragging from the top of the screen to the bottom and wait for it to flip. When you restart the store it will recognize it isn't installed anymore. Not sure what is up with the restore though. Maybe try restoring again.


Thanks. But I already restored everything.

I would like to avoid this, as I just finished updating and installing most of my programs and settings. Also my surface runs smooth, is fast and I don't have any other problems, except the blue colored context menu.


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Mine has done exactly the same thing when I went back from W10. I did a fresh install when I realised but the menus are still the same. The best I have managed is setting the background colour and accent colour to a light grey in the personalise section when in the start screen and this changes the colour of the menus. Very odd.

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