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Anyone using Outlook.com for other Email accounts?


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My Ladyfriend is a big-time user of Gmail, but, since Google is having its issues with China, I decided to set up an Outlook.com email account for her to use while she is there. While setting it up, I noticed an invitation down at the bottom to use Outlook for all email accounts, including, even, POP3 accounts. (Both her personal and company email accounts are POP3.) That would be great if it really works, but I am reluctant to send her off into the wilds of the Orient with something untried. Especially, remembering that there is a 12-hour time difference, and her afternoon issues could mean sleep-depriving phone calls for me.

So, has anybody tried this Outlook feature -- specifically with POP3 accounts?

If so, would appreciate your comments.

I have done this with Gmail and aol accounts. I also set up sorting where the emails sort to separate folders. When replying to the email from outlook.com does still reply from the actual Gmail and aol account if you were asking that too. The only issue with set up is a Conf email is sent to each account before the outlook.com is finalized so have her look out for them. Also, once that is set up she can also pull the outlook.com into the mail app and all the folders will pull over. I prefer to use outlook.com pinned to the start. I wish it would have some way of a live tile.
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Thanks, Tony --

I have a couple of weeks before she leaves, so there will be time to try it. A very attractive feature is that it, apparently, will use the Outlook SMTP for sending all emails. That was the advantage of Gmail, but, unless Gmail learns to speak Mandarin again, it looks like Outlook gets the business.

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