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App for on-screen shortcut key buttons


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Hello eyeryone!

I'm thinking about using a Surface Pro tablet for art and because I am looking for a good mobile drawing experience I was wondering if there is an applications to use shortcut keys on the touchscreen. Much like the Touch Keyboard ( How to use the touch keyboard - Microsoft Windows Help ) but with an option to create unique shortcut buttons for faster access (like a "ctrl+z" button f. e.) and preferably with a nice and intuitive interface?

Would be great if you knew of anything of the sort!
You could give "TouchMe Gesture Studio" a try.

Rather than the keyboard, it involves using custom gestures for the keyboard shortcuts.

The app in the store is just the interface to create your gesture combinations (including gestures for Keyboard short-cuts). For these to function, you'll need to purchase, download and install the actual gesture engine. This is available as an "in-app" purchase. Well worth the few dollars for it.

TouchMe Gesture Studio - Microsoft Store