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Automatic Boot Up is Back


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I am writing this at 1:50 am because I was somewhat awoken by the fact that there was light coming from my SP2 that I had shutdown before getting into bed. Turns out that it had booted automatically by itself and had stayed on for the past half hour. In fact, while verifying this with a battery report, it turns out that it had automatically booted in my bag after shutting it down at work and had stayed on from 2:00-9:00 pm cycling between being awake then sleeping for ~50 seconds before waking up again and repeating. This problem isn't new but was fixed sometime in Windows 8.1. Now, it's back with a vengeance. Interestingly, I didn't notice this problem over the last couple of days so it might be from an update that was released on August 14.

As such, the only way to guarantee that you'll have battery the next day is to leave it charging even if you shut it down since it might just turn itself back on again and then never go to sleep....




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It happened again today. I shut it off (and made sure I hit shutdown instead of perhaps accidentally hitting restart or hibernate) around 9:50 pm after reading some things while eating dinner, and it apparently came back on 1:09 minutes later and then stayed on until I checked just now at 2:45 am which drained 26% of my battery. So far, it has always coincided with an "updates were installed" notice when I log back in so perhaps it has something to do with pending updates causing the shutdown to actually turn into a restart. This doesn't happen on my desktop computer, however.

And now I'm having some high CPU usage too after logging in on this automatic boot!

Windows 10 on Surface Pro 2 has been a disaster. They obviously weren't ready. I highly recommend that you don't upgrade.


just noticed mine turn itself on twice yesterday. since Win 10 (before and after a clean install) my SP2 seems to always want to be on, regardless if it's supposed to be or not.