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Backing up SP2 with SSR 2013 R2

so I have been searching on how to backup the drive in the SP2 as I want to try W10.
I am seeing Acronis and hold volume button down and power on.... not sure what that is about.

So I am curious if anyone has tried Symantec System Recovery? We have it at work and use it with Symantec Altiris CMS 7.5.

So please let me know if what I am looking at here sounds right..
1. USB Hub (have to be powered?)
2. external HD
3. Thumb Drive with SSR
4. Boot thumb drive and attempt an SSR backup image of drive.

so can anyone fill in blanks on if I have to do vol down and power on? anything else im missing???

I will give this a try if all is good. I dont want to end up backing up my SP2, attempting reimage and fubar it up.
Need to get all my files off of it first....