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Bitlocker recovery key -failed to unlock


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Hi guys,

I end up in basically locking my Surface 3 Pro (Windows 10) tablet because of bitlocker.

Steps i have done :

1.Enable bitlocker for C: dirve (the only drive) and i choose to backup up the recovery key to microsoft online account.

2.Bitlocker asked for a preboot and asks me now for the recovery key but once I insert the recovery key and click on continue it prompts me with this message "Failed to unlock with this recovery key"

I am 100 % sure that this is the correct key (key ID is matching, drive label matching)

I tried to unlock it also with cmd bde utility with same result : failed to unlock

Now I cannot do absolutely nothing at this stage.No windows boot. Stuck in this perpetual loop asking me for the recovery key

Any ideas what might cause this issue ?

Thank you