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black borders when at native resolution


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So i got my surface pro 3 just a couple of days ago ( great laptop btw.) , and today I downloaded and started a game that made my whole screen go black, the only thing i could see was my cursor. I waited a while for the game to respond but it didn't, so i opened up task manager and closed it. When i got back to my desktop i noticed that something has changed, suddenly my desktop wasn't taking up the whole screen, there were black borders around the screen, they weren't huge, but they were noticeable.

I quickly went into settings to check if the resolution was set to native and it was. I've tried to restart and update, changing resolution and etc. but nothing works.

The weird thing is that i can "hide" my cursor under the right and lower black bar.
I'm not sure if it normal or if it's something that has always been there, but i haven't noticed it until today. But there's like a black bar between the screen and bezel.

Sorry for my bad english, i'm not from and english speaking-counrty.

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