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Bluetooth connects then drops


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I'm wondering if there are any issues with the Surface Pro 2, regarding bluetooth connections being immediately dropped.

I'm trying to connect my Columbus V-900 GPS receiver to my Surface Pro 2. The units working fine and connects fine, but immediately drops connection. All drivers are the latest.

Any idea why the bluetooth would connect them drop within 2 seconds?
Is this any kind of a known issue with the Surface Pro 2?

I haven't ruled out the problem being in the V-900 but it seems unlikely based on it working with other non Surface computers.


PS: I did get it to connect and hold, 1 time, if that is any clue.
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This might turn out to be a silly question, but is the unit at full charge and do you have the latest 8.1 driver for the unit and for your Surface?
Not all Bluetooth abled gadgets can talk to each other. My SP2 connects perfectly via Bluetooth with two separate portable speakers but cannot connect to my Nokia Windows 8 phone. They find and pair to each other for a few seconds but then the connection drops out. I think the Bluetooth system in each of these two devices must be different (designed for different purposes?)