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Browser with good scrolling for SP4


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I switched to a SP4 after years of using macbooks
One of the things that kept me from switching all these years was the fact that the touchpad on every windows laptop I used would be far inferior to the trackpad on every macbook I have used.
When i heard good things about the precision touchpad on the SP4, i took the plunge

Now while I mostly like what the device brings to the table, one major shortcoming is the lack of precision touchpad support on every browser sans Edge
This being a home laptop, the primary use case is browsing - Unfortunately, Edge still seems like a beta product and is prone to intermittent issues (slow to respond at times, random not responding errors etc)
I tried using chrome and firefox but the same touchpad that is pretty much at par with the best trackpads on Edge turns into a frustrating experience with jerky /choppy scrolls on firefox and chrome

Are there any alternative browsers thathave native support for the precision trackpad on the SP4?


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Welcome supercarz.

I can't answer your question I'm afraid. I've always used google chrome and other than when microsoft have done an update and something went a bit iffy, I've not had any issues with scrolling with the trackpad.