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Can't copy music files and photos onto SDXC card


Hi - just arrived here today and have a new Surface Pro. Looking forward to getting to know you more seasoned users.

Am trying to copy various things from my laptop onto a 64GB SDXC card to put into the Pro. However, whilst it seems to copy documents OK, it refuses to copy music files, photos and videos. It's strange - the SDXC properties show that the related disk space is used up, but when I try to click on the music files, photos etc. on the card they're just not there. Have tried changing the names of these libraries to something other than 'music', 'pictures' and 'videos' as I understand this can lead to problems, but to no avail - it still refuses to copy these files.

Please tell me I am misssing something really obvious...
did you use symbolic link, mounted volume or vhd on your sd card?

Guys - many thanks for your replies, although they show how out of my depth I must be (I have no idea what 'symbolic link', 'mounted volume' or 'vhd' are). I'm just trying to copy and paste onto the card as I would with any other SD card or flashdrive. There is no specific error message, but the following happens:

- if I copy and paste the entire 'music' library, I cannot then 'see' it on the SDXC card - even though the card's properties show used disk space corresponding to the size of the 'music' library.

- if I copy and paste 'my music', the individual music files are visible on the card, but when I click on them it says 'the file is empty'. As before, though, the card's properties show used disk space corresponding to their size.

- if I try copying individual music files, I can see them on the card and I can click on them. But then, when Windows media player opens, it says it cannot play the files.

I also contacted the support at EMTEC, the SDXC card manufacturer. They sent a message back saying there might be a problem with the 'data partition' on the card. But as far as I can see, there was no data partitioning on the card, which itself is brand new - so I'm really none the wiser.

Grateful for any ideas...
Which application are you using to access the files? Looks like based in your description, the desktop file manager?
Yes indeed it is - or should I say, 'Windows Explorer'.

Remember, I'm still trying to copy the stuff onto the card from my old (Windows 7) laptop in order to put it onto the Pro. I have tried looking at the card also in the Pro using 'File Manager', but it looks the same as it does on the old laptop. I might have thought it was an overall compatibility issue regrding SDXC, but documents copy across no problem from the laptop to the card. The problem is with music, photos and videos...
I was wearing my Android hat when i said that. :)

I agree it is frustrating it happens. Was the file system of the card NTFS or ExFAT or something else?
Ok, one last shot...

1. Format the SD card again, ExFAT or NTFS does not matter. Quick format should do.
2. Assuming the SD card has been assigned drive letter D: run "md d:\Music" from the command line
3. While still in the command line, type "cd \Users\{your username}\Music" and you should see your files.
4. Finally, "xcopy *.* d:\Music /s"
"Windows unable to complete format", I'm afraid. Same in ExFAT as in NTFS.

I really thank you for your continued help, Arnold, but I'm now rapidly concluding that this SDXC card is just er, buggered (the correct technical term here, I believe).

Good job it wasn't expensive, difficult to get hold of here, or anything like that...!!
Happy ending to this story, I'm glad to say...

The SDXC card manufacturers EMTEC took note of my problems and have now sent me a new card. It works perfectly.

Many thanks to those of you who tried to help and thanks also to EMTEC. I'm really happy it wasn't just a case of me doing something wrong...