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Consistent steam game crashes after 15 minutes


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Hi, all.
I've got an SP3 i5/256gb, and ever since I downloaded steam and started playing games on it, 80% of the games I have (not necessarily most graphic intensive ones) crash to the desktop after 10-15 minutes of gameplay. i've downloaded intel XTU and the temps look fine (~70F stable), RAM looks normal up to and at the crash (doesn't seem to be a memory leak AFAIK.) I'm on the latest build of windows 10. Any suggestions or people having the same issues?
What Steam games are you currently running?

I have CS GO which taxes both CPU and GPU to the max and it doesn't crash with Intel July 17 drivers. It runs at 50-80 FPS on default (suggested based on the GPU detection) settings. That game even discharges my battery since the power brick can't provide maximum power all the time.
I'm running some Grid 2 (crashes, low settings), Black Ops II (mid settings, multiplayer and zombies work fine, campaign crashes sometimes), Need For Speed (crashes), Resident Evil 4 (crashes), Resident Evil 5 (runs fine on HIGH SETTINGS), Remember Me (runs alright, doesn't crash, but stuttery on low), haven't tried CSGO yet, you'd think BO2 would perform worse then CSGO, what with all the added effects and all. So these times crashes don't happen to you?
I only have CS GO on my SP3 and store app games. I did have to update my DirectX libraries to play CS GO. If it's crashing without any notice, i'd try Intel video drivers directly from intel download center as well as updating your direct x from Steam.
How did you manually update your DirectX libraries from Steam? I already have the latest Intel driver for the HD 4400, I only did that for the control panel, and its been working pretty well so far. Thanks for the tips, by the way!
The first time I run CS GO, steam prompted me to install direct x before it's able to launch. Maybe some of your games aren't fully compatible with directx 11.1 thus you need to install directx 10, 9.0, or 11.0 libraries to be fully compatible. Some games like DOTA 2 allows different directx library by modifying the launcher to specifically launch in dx9 or 11.

Anyways, I don't have a wide enough gaming collection in my sp3 to give a good reasoning of your game crashes.