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CPU Speed @ 0.78 GHz with AC power


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My SPro2 is running slowly tonight and I noticed that the CPU under Task Manager is only running at 0.78 GHz with AC plugged in. Is anyone else having a similar problem? I'm running VS2015 and other tools and the CPU isn't going full speed. Really odd. Thanks for any comments or suggestions here.


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Unfortunately, I resorted to shutting it down and back up and the speed is not limited to 0.87 GHz anymore. I noticed this log in the system event viewer earlier in the session prior to shutting down (1 for each of the 4 processors):

The speed of processor 0 in group 0 is being limited by system firmware. The processor has been in this reduced performance state for 71 seconds since the last report.

Not sure what's going on there or if that's even related. If anyone has ever experienced this and knows for sure what may have caused the slow down please let me know. Else the "turn it off and on" method of troubleshooting seemed to have done the trick for now.