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display settings for Win 8.1 VM on surface pro 2?


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I created a win 8.1 VM on my surface pro 2 which I need for development in Office 2010.
Creation of the VM with Hyper-V was no problem.
The problem is the display settings of the new VM: Default I get a 1024X7... resolution which is too small, so I changed to 1920X1080, now I have the VM full screen on my surface, but the text is waaay to small. When I change settings for larger text then the text becomes blurry! Any ideas how to solve this problem?


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Instead of using the console view to use the VM, use remote desktop. Works better and hopefully you wont have this issue.


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Thanks for the tip: but how do I proceed with remote desktop? where can I find more info on this? my VM is a win 8.1 (not a pro or enterprise) and that vm is installed on the surface, so I'm not sure if RDP is possible in this case...


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Maybe VNC? Or teamviewer? I've used virtual box for vms and they have an addon cd that is loaded in the VM that you install and the screen scales and looks great. You have to disable vpro before using virtual box.


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Did you try to adjust the dpi settings in the VM, the same way you adjust them in real OS ? The VM probably doesn't know the diagonal size of the virtual screen (or the preset monitor of the VM is a large monitor) and it probably doesn't set the correct dpi. Right click on the desktop, go to Screen Resolution click on the "make text and other items larger and smaller" and adjust.

Really, accessing a VM via remote tools like Remote Desktop, VNC, etc. is somewhat out of logic except for testing purposes.

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