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Solved Edge Keeps Opening Internet Explorer - How Do I Stop It?


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I'm travelling with my SP4. To get the free Wi-Fi, I turned on my SP4 and Edge directed me to Internet Explorer. It says:

"This website needs Internet Explorer

Your organization has set this site to automatically open in Internet Explorer.

Open with Internet Explorer (hyperlink)

(checkbox) Automatically open this site with Internet Explorer in the future

Keep going in Microsoft Edge (hyperlink)"

OK, so I opened it in Internet Explorer and logged in for my free Wi-Fi. But now more than half the time when I try to go to a webpage in Edge, it does the same thing it sends me to IE. It does it on websites I've visited many times before including this website. It even does it sometimes when I do a simple search.

I called the Westin and the tech support guy said he's never seen the problem before. I googled it and found some hits that said that Edge redirects to IE when it doesn't have the tools to open the website. But the message above says something about "your organization." I'm stumped.

Any ideas how to stop Edge from opening IE.


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I just tried an interesting experiment. I disconnected from the Westin internet temporarily and connected to my own hotspot. The problem went away. So, even though the Westin tech I spoke with is unaware of it, the problem is on their end.