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HowTo Enable Desktop Background Wallpaper Slideshow with Windows 10


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Update: (Windows 10 now allows this functionality in Settings, Personalize, Background, change to "Slideshow", but individual pictures cannot be selected. For that, select multiple pictures from File Explorer, right-click, Set as desktop background.

If you miss having the option to have Windows automatically change your desktop background image (wallpaper), you are in luck. Here is how to show your desktop wallpapers as a slide show, similar to Windows 7.

Note: This tweak changes a value in the Windows Registry. Only do this if you are comfortable editing your system settings explicitly.

1) Start, REGEDIT

2) Browse to
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Personalization\Desktop Slideshow
3) Double-Click Desktop Slideshow and enter Value data: 1 OK and close.

4) Reboot your computer.

5) Start, CMD
6) Run this command:
control /name Microsoft.Personalization /page pageWallpaper
7) Scroll up and down on the window of backgrounds you will see. Choose which backgrounds to use in your slide show. Choose whether to also enable a slideshow under battery power. Also choose whether to shuffle (randomize) the backgrounds.

NOTE: Choose "Clear all" if you wish to stop slideshow services. You will then need to choose a single desktop background using normal Windows 10 methods.

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After performing the above, you can select more than one image from Windows Explorer and right-click, "Set as desktop background". An ad-hoc slideshow will be assembled with the selected images.


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Yes indeed, @Metalman, it has been added to Windows 10, however entire folders are selected for the slideshow. In Windows 7, individual pictures could be toggled on or off.

To set specific photos for your slideshow, select the multiple images from File Explorer, then right-click, and Show as desktop background.
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