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Flipped orientation - Pen offset (Bug)


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I use my Surface Book (non Performance Base) for a while and I started to use the pen. I noticed a very annoying thing: When I use the book in the flipped mode (Picture), there is an noticable offset between pen and cursor (around a half cm, cursor more right). In normal orientation the offset is much less (actually nearly perfect). The only post on any site about that issue if found is here:Bug Build 15031 pen accurate in landscape and portrait-flipped. Inaccurate in landscape-flipped and portrait • r/Surface
So problem exist since creators update (and insider previews before) and more me it's still there (I also tried the latest insider for 1709, still there). I don't see any complaints about that problem, so is it just still there on my device? Is there any solution or at least workaround (of course without changing orientation, because this is the only senseful config for taking notes/drawing with dock connected) ?


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Hi, @davidmueller13, welcome to the forum!

I just gave this a go on both of my Surface Books, with the clipboard detatched and in portrait orientation, left, and right. Works perfectly. No offset at all. I am also on the latest Insider update also.

So it seems to be a software (calibration) issue ...